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GoSilent is the ideal Mobile Firewall to secure your IP enabled devices anywhere in the world.

  • Simple Deployment
  • Secure Internet Access
  • Advanced Protection from Threats
  • Edge Intelligence

GoSilent has been developed in a way that allows you to choose how you deploy the hardware. You can go with a Silent Edge Cloud Server or with the GoSilent Server.

By selecting the Cloud deployment option, you are able to access the Internet in an untrusted part of the world. GoSilent is able to secure a connection to the Silent Edge cloud server (which is located in a trusted part of the world) and generates a protected “IPSec tunnel”. This means that all your online activity travels through this secure connection to a global zone which is considered more trusted. This happens prior to the activities reaching the open Internet, eliminating the risk of your internet connection being hijacked in the untrusted region.


Mobile Security and Privacy for your Workforce

Privacy anytime and anywhere.

GoSilent helps to protect you and your workforce from potential threats that target your networks and data when your workforce are working on external networks.

Protect your workforce from threats that could be located in public areas such as Cafes, Airports or Hotels, or even at home.



GoSilent Mobile Brandvägg Huvud Funktioner

  • Power – This enables you to power your GoSilent with any USB port or a standard battery pack.
  • Secure Captive Portal Authentication – The GoSilent will instantly protect your devices from malicious access points, such as “Free WiFi” hotspots.
  • Next Generation Secure Access – Easily secure user devices from network attacks by invisibly enforcing the use of enterprise-controlled firewalls and quantum-resistant, top-secret certified IPsec VPN.
  • Edge Intelligence – Prevent network intelligence gathering, such as OS detection or port scanning. Stop cyber-attacks before they begin.
  • Advanced Threat Protection – Prevent phishing, malware delivery and other advanced threats by blocking user network traffic to malicious sites.
  • Optimized User Experience – Plug-and-play security is appropriate for both technical and non-technical users. No configuration required.
  • Application Visibility and Control – Control thousands of different applications using application-aware policy enforcement to ensure business resources are employed appropriately.
  • Granular Auditing and Logging – Integrate with SIEM solutions to meet compliance goals and reduce overall operational workload.
  • Easy Deployment – Deploy from the cloud or on-premises. Optional self-provisioning automatically applies enterprise policies to any new device. GoSilent works with any IP enabled device


30GB Silent Edge


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